Reduce your time proofing
medical transcription

Triple-proof Accuracy goes the extra step toward delivering
your medical transcription precisely the way you need it.

So you can spend more time with your patients.


Every doctor wants accurate medical transcription service. Quality of patient care depends on it. Which is why many of them still will not move to electronic medical records.

The Triple-proof Accuracy method gives your reports the extra attention they deserve. So you can spend less time on the computer proofing and more time in the exam room treating your patients. Accuracy is at the heart of what we do.

How it works


A professional transcriptionist

with expertise in your medical specialty types your report

Language Specialist

Proof #1:

Transcription undergoes a thorough proofing by the eyes and ears of a seasoned pro


Proof #2:

Transcription is analyzed by proprietary software to identify commonly mistyped words


Proof #3:

Transcription undergoes final proofing by another set of eyes before being posted for completion