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Proven Medical Dictation and Transcription Services
(that even work with your EHR)

Over 50% of doctors surveyed said that their EHR causes them to see fewer patients than they did before they got it.

Electronic templates and voice recognition have proven to be complicated and time consuming to use. And full of risk too. As a result, many doctors are returning to familiar medical dictation and transcription services in order to get production levels back to normal.

The two biggest biggest problems with EHR systems:

  1. Medical Voice Recognition
  2. Electronic Templates

Both require significant after-hours training. Both can be highly inaccurate.

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3 options for a doctor who would like medical dictation and transcription service, but must use an EHR system:

  • Copy & paste. The easiest, but not always best long term solution, some web based medical transcription systems accommodate this option fairly well.
  • HL7 Interface. The doctor’s reports are fed seamlessly to the patient profile in the EHR.
  • Virtual Medical Scribe Services: Patient notes can be recorded directly in to the EHR system for the doctor.

HL7 interface and virtual medical scribe services find the best results when the medical office has a dedicated IT person to assist with local setup requirements. EHR Transcriptions offers all three options.

A few examples of client success follow below.

Bone and joint clinic of Southern Oklahoma

Bone and Joint Clinic of oklahomaAn orthopedic group, with EHR system


Bone and Joint Clinic of Oklahoma (BJC) is a high volume orthopedic group with multiple providers. They use an EHR system.

Special Needs: 

Medical dictation and transcription services that allow for easy transfer of reports to their EHR system.

  • Expert knowledge of orthopedic transcription.
  • Experience transcribing Independent Medical Evaluations, Workman’s Compensation and other medical-legal reports.
  • User-friendly online medical dictation and transcription system that permits easy copy and pasting of patient data.

Top three service objectives:

  • Catch up on transcription backlog
  • Fast transcription turnaround – within 24 hours
  • Get medical data in to EHR system

At the start of service for BJC, the first order of business was to obtain the doctors’ formatting requirements in order to quickly catch the group up on their backlog medical dictation and transcription. Work started that night and all transcription was current by week’s end.

Keys to delivery for BJC:

  • Trained personnel to meet 150% of daily volume for unusually high-volume days.
  • Around-the-clock personnel to accommodate STAT transcription requests.
  • Dedicated Transcription Account Manager (DTAM) to optimize workflow.
  • Easy data transfer to EHR system


  • Backlog medical transcription caught up in five days.
  • Fast medical dictation and transcription service – always within 24 hours.
  • Reliable STAT transcription upon request.
  • Local transfer of patient data to EHR system.
Radiology Transcription with Virtual Medical Scribe Services

National MusculoskeletalA large teleradiology service with an EHR system.


National Musculoskeletal Imaging (NMSI) is a high volume tele-radiology service that required custom medical dictation transfer and virtual medical scribe services directly in their EHR system.

Special Needs:

  • Highly advanced skills in radiology transcription.
  • Fast turnaround – within four hours (and often times faster).
  • 24 hour coverage.
  • Ability to work directly within NMSI’s Electronic Health Records system, with very specific guidelines.

When the Chief Operating Officer of NMSI called us in December, 2006, she had one major objective: implement around the clock, fast dictation and transcription services and keep up with the group’s high volume. Previously, they had been unable to find radiology transcription services that could accurately and consistently transcribe their difficult medical dictation and keep up with their high volume.


Top three service objectives:

  • Master difficult medical dictation styles of partner physicians.
  • Provide medical scribe services in NMSI’s EHR system.
  • Guarantee fast medical dictation and transcription services – all work delivered within 4 hours.

Ramp-up on this account was fast. A dedicated team of radiology transcription specialists were immediately trained on the EHR system. Medical scribe services began on the fourth day.

Keys to success:

  • Meet 150% of average daily capacity to accommodate fluctuations in work.
  • Around-the-clock personnel to honor STAT transcription requests.
  • Dedicated Transcription Account Manager (DTAM) to optimize workflow.
  • Triple-proof accuracy™ to reduce doctor review time.


  • Increased business from referring physicians.
  • Steady and reliable STAT transcription processing throughout the day.
  • Immediate delivery of approved reports to referring physicians for better patient care.
  • Dependable virtual medical scribe services.
Hospital Transcription Services

Medcentral health systemA multi-site hospital network with an EHR system.

Summary: MedCentral Health System is a 351 bed healthcare organization with two hospitals and several medical clinics throughout north central Ohio. They needed a reliable hospital transcription service to interface with their in-house medical transcription department to manage their hospitals’ medical dictation and transcription.

Special Needs: 

    • Strict turnaround – 24 hours or less.
    • Scalable medical dictation and transcription capacity to serve 48 doctors at the start and adjust with the growth of the hospital and its outlying clinics.
    • Customized formatting and organization of reports.
    • Reliable and flexible availability to compensate for in-house staffing shortages.

In February, 2004, we were contacted by MedCentral Health System to help them catch up on two months of medical dictation and transcription backlog. MedCentral had been relying solely on their own hospital transcription department, but with a growing patient population, they sought outsourced medical dictation and transcription services to safeguard against future work backlogs and to cut transcription costs.

Top three service objectives:

  • Catch up on backlog medical dictation quickly.
  • Flexible and scalable medical dictation and transcription services to accommodate growing volume.
  • Deliver chart-ready transcriptions (minimize internal editing).


  • Completion of two months’ backlog medical dictation and transcription in two weeks.
  • Reduced hospital transcription costs.
  • Reliable hospital transcription partner to handle the organization’s growing needs.
  • Flexible backup medical dictation and transcription services to compensate for staff vacations, sick days, turnover, growth.
HIPAA Transcription Services for Military and VA Hospitals

David monthan air force baseDavid Monthan Air Force Base

Summary: Davis Monthan Air Force Base contacted us in June 2004 in search of dependable medical dictation and transcription services, flexible terms and hands-on customer support. They also expressed an desire to doing business with a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

Special Needs:

    • Personalized medical dictation and transcription services that support frequently changing personnel “on-the-go.”
    • Prompt response to special service requests.
    • Ability to transcribe a wide variety of medical specialties.
    • Strict adherence to HIPAA transcription regulations.

When Davis Monthan called us, they were just finishing up a three year contract with one of the largest medical dictation and transcription services in America. They felt that their medical transcription costs were higher than average and they were not happy with the level of customer support they were getting. Now, they wanted to find a medical dictation and transcription services provider with government experience that would understand their unique needs as a Military Treatment Facility (MTF).

Top three service objectives:

  • Reduce medical dictation and transcription costs.
  • Reduce need for internal editing.
  • Fast activation and deactivation of user accounts (as staff changes).

Keys to success:

  • Strong customer support (after hours).
  • HIPAA transcription.
  • On-demand addition and deletion of new dictator accounts as staffing changes warrant.
  • Open-ended service agreement.
  • Triple-proof accuracy™ for quick doctor review.



  • 22% savings from previous medical transcription costs.
  • User-friendly, HIPAA compliant medical dictation and transcription system for fast, secure access.
  • One-hour account activation for new dictating providers; instant deletion of accounts no longer needed.
  • Flexible terms of service to accommodate future needs.
Outsourced Medical Transcription Services for State Government

Texas health and human services commissionTexas Health and Human Services Commission


Summary: The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (THHSC) needed a cost effective, outsourced medical transcription services provider to replace their hospital transcription department.

Special Needs:

    • HIPAA transcription process.
    • Flexible medical dictation and transcription capacity for fluctuating volumes of work.
    • Easy set-up to expand service to additional facilities in the state system.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission first contacted us in November 2006 to deliver outsourced medical transcription services for one of its state psychiatric facilities. They had been using their own hospital transcription department, but wanted outsourced medical dictation and transcription services that could reduce their costs and accommodate other state facilities as the need arises.

Top three service objectives:

  • HIPAA transcription service.
  • Reduce transcription costs.
  • Easy system to introduce to additional facilities.

An online medical dictation and transcription account was set up for THHSC on a HIPAA compliant transcription platform. Free telephone dictation accounts were created for instant addition of new providers at additional sites.

Keys to success:

  • Strict HIPAA compliant transcription guidelines.
  • 150% capacity on account to accommodate fluctuating volumes.
  • Triple-proof accuracy™ to reduce doctor review time.


  • Reduced hospital transcription costs.
  • Trustworthy outsourced medical transcription services that meet HIPAA compliance requirements.
  • Elimination of overhead costs of hospital transcription department.
  • Successful rollout of medical dictation and transcription services to other facilities.
  • Flexible backup to compensate for staff vacations, sick days, turnover, growth.