of doctors say their EMR system causes them to see fewer patients
(than when they used a medical transcription company).


And they’re working longer hours too.


Every screen’s got 50 different things, you know, that are changing. It slows me down.

We have Dragon, which you have to be careful of, because I just [dictated] a “Patient’s prostate is bothering him” and it turned out
“Patient’s prostitute is bothering him.”

I can end up going to court with that stuff.

— Primary care physician
Rand Corporation, 2013: Factors Affecting Physician Professional Satisfaction and Their Implications for Patient Care, Health Systems, and Health Policy.

What does it all mean?

$ 48,000

Average, five-year total cost of ownership for an in-house EHR system
($58,000 for web-based EHR system).

-Office of the Chief Medical Officer of the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology in Washington, June, 2013


Of doctors say “Our electronic health record system requires me to perform tasks that other staff could perform.”
– Rand, 2013


Of doctors say they had not returned to the previous level of productivity – since adopting their EHR system.
– Fierce EMR, 2013

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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