Independent Subcontractor Agreement

Welcome to our team…

I wish I had more eloquent words, but I can only say I wish you could know the level of satisfaction I have on a daily basis now with my work since joining the Same Day Transcriptions team. I have a level of personal happiness working with your company I have not found in my work for quite a long time. I love everything I have come to see about this company and both of you… I wish everyone had the privilege of working in this sort of family. I can only describe this as an answer to a prayer.

Peggy D., May 2014 Professional Transcriptionist, Same Day Transcriptions, Inc.

  1. The starting pay for general transcription is $0.70 per audio minute. Do a good job, and you will find that you can make more. We do give raises when we feel appropriate, and we run contests too. Any of our transcriptionists would tell you that we aim to take good care of them. Greedy, we are not.
  2. We require Protecting Human Research Participants certification. You may take the online course through the NIH website for free. It takes about 60 minutes. Upon completion, you will need to provide a copy of the certificate to us. See link below.
  3. This offer is to work for us as an independent subcontractor. No taxes are withheld. No employee benefits are provided. We do not dictate your work hours (but we do need reliability, whenever you say you will work).
  4. It costs us $35 to set up a transcriptionist account on our system. This cost is passed on to you, the subcontractor, as a deduction on your first pay. Explanation: We know well about scam sites that charge people for jobs. That is clearly not the case here, be assured. By now, you have probably done your homework on us and found that we are a reputable company with a fairly prominent profile in the industry. So, why is this fee passed on to you? For one, because the cost is incurred by you. Remember, you are an independent contractor. This is a business cost. Secondly, it shows your commitment. We want people who are serious, and who can see that $35 to get set up with a good home-based job is peanuts. It’s a one-time fee, and there is plenty of opportunity to make very good money because of it. And also, we tend to pay it back in the from of a bonus within the first few months any way. We tend to pay it back after a few months in the form of a bonus.
  5. Invoicing is on the 1st and 16th of each month. We pay within fifteen days (usually a lot faster) via direct deposit.
  6. If you are not currently living in the continental United States, then please stop here. Due to the confidential nature of the data that we work with, many of our clients require that their data does not leave the US.

Step 1:

Provide copies of the following through the orange link provided below:

5.1 Subcontractor will furnish all materials, tools and equipment used to provide the services required by this Agreement and Contractor is not responsible for any associated with operational expenses relating to computer work, communications technology or data security.

  • W9 form: Get it here.
  • Protecting Human Research Participants certification. Get it here.
  • Photocopy of driver’s license.
  • Banking information for direct deposit (copy of a cancelled check or all info typed in a Word document).
Zip files and name each (and zip folder) by your First name_Last name and what document it is.
Example: Jane Smith_w9

This helps us to stay organized with our filing system (thank you).
When you have these documents completed (scan as necessary) and zipped together…

Step 1: Upload Your Zipped Folder Here

Step 2:

Subcontractor agreement

After submitting the documents stated above, you may now move on to your independent subcontractor agreement. It takes just a few minutes. Then, we will get your account set up and ready for you to start your first paid job. Kay Darrow, our Production Manager will be in touch with you with further details.

Step 2: Access Subcontractor Agreement Here

Reminder: proceed only AFTER you have submitted the documents stated on this page.